• Set up of structured world-class special education unit and other special education services
  • Evaluation, recommendation, and intervention with regards to children’s learning and development.
  • Consultation with teachers and administrators to address concerns related to individual students or class behaviors and learning difficulties.
  • Program planning follows functional behavioral assessments in which psychologists provide advice on how to adapt the curriculum and make accommodations to meet a student’s learning style, cognitive profile, developmental level, or behavioral needs.
  • Parent collaboration to better understand students with behavioral, social-emotional and learning difficulties and to best integrate intervention strategies across the settings in which students live and learn.
  • Goal setting by interpreting assessment findings and applying them to help to establish realistic goals based on a student’s strengths and needs.
  • Teacher assistance by consulting with teachers and suggesting teaching strategies based on the specific nature of the student’s learning or behavioural difficulty.
  • Seminars, Training and Workshops for parents, students, school personnels and other professionals working with children.