Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Our Cognitive Enhancement Training comprises of computerized interactive packages designed to improve cognitive ability in children and adolescents, the programs are designed, not only to suit children’s cognitive needs, but it also presents itself in a way that makes it fun and exciting to use.

With this Cognitive enhancement program, you can:

Boost grades at school or university
Improve IQ
Learn information faster and more efficiently
Improve general cognition
Boost attention focus and concentration.
Increase working memory capacity.
Double audio-visual information processing speed.
Enhance learning ability.
Improve problem solving ability.
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A recent research by Avtzon, (2012) proved the effectiveness of this program in increasing the cognitive functioning of school aged children. Compared to a group that did not use the program who improved their cognitive proficiency by 1%, from 63% to 64%, children that used it for 12 weeks showed a significant increase from 64% to 89%.

Another intensive study by Helms & Sawtelle (2007), showed a 4 years and 3 months improvement in cognitive skills of students that used the program compared to a 4 months improvement in students who did not.

Dr. John Ratey of Harvard Medical School stated that constant use of brain functions keeps it vital and growing while lack of use leads to decay. Research in the world of neuroscience is beginning to show us that our mental abilities (IQ) are not cast in stone but can be improved through consistent brain training that attempts to build new neural pathways. This improves cognitive abilities which are strongly related to academic achievement (Fisher, 2012).