Educational Coaching

This service is uniquely suited for parents and schools who want to help their children and students respectively achieve academic excellence. Educational coaching is especially suitable children with specific learning disabilities. We offer help in the following areas:

Educational needs consulting,
Psycho-educational assessments for learning disabilities,
Comprehensive assessment reporting
Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) development and review
Professional liaison between school teachers and parents
Development of Home school programs
Our professional services include the diagnosis and treatment of behavioural and learning problems in children and adolescents. We focus on the learning differences and styles of each child and work to help provide a satisfactory balance between the child and their environment. By reviewing past evaluations, individualized educational programs and progress we are able to help the individual make decisions regarding their future educational, social and emotional welfare. We also help individuals in need of assessment to help determine their strengths and needs for educational and vocational planning.

Evaluations include cognitive assessments, achievement tests, behavioural and processing skill assessments, and vocational interests. Recommendations are provided for educational and vocational purposes. We consult with teachers, parents, school personnel and other professionals in order to better assist the individual we serve.

Our experience as advocate and expert witness in the educational setting has been helpful in seeking educational programs that are better suited to the educational, behavioural and emotional needs of the child.