Build cognitive ability and academic capacity for children from ages 3 to 6.

The Logico Primo can help improve children’s:

  • Concentration and Perception
  • The understanding of shapes and colors, quantities and numbers
  • Logical thinking and combining skills
  • The enjoyment of language
  • basic skills for reading and writing
  • Fine motor activity and dexterity


The Unique Features of LOGICO

1. Colorful Learning Cards with lively pictures

Every LOGICO card is comprised of text and pictures. For younger children, the card mainly displays pictures along with just a few words. For older kids, the cards would have longer text to clearly elaborate the content.paintet by renowned illustrators of children’s books in Germany, LOGICO features more than 1,000 colorful pictures depicting real life scenes, household appliances, transportation vehicles, animals, plants and etc.These lively and cartoon-like images could arouse children’s interest, helping them to improve their visual abilities and cultivate their love of arts.

2. Content design is based upon scientific methods

The content of LOGICO learning games is designed by renowned children hood education expert in Germany, which is based upon long-term research on children’s psychological and intellectual development. The studying content is categorized into different themes, offering thorough and scientific ways for learning.moreover, LOGICO offers different levels of study to meet the special needs of various age groups, making sure that younger children could have an easy start, and then gradually advance to higher levels. Every LOGICO game is a challenge to the children, inspiring them to use their mind and maintain their passion for learning.

3. Easy and fun to operate

LOGICO teaching tools is comprised of an answering board and a set of learning cards, which are easy and fun to operate. The combined use of an answering board and learning cards requires the children to use their eyes, hands and mind at the same time. It helps to increase children’s concentration while studying moreover; the teaching tools provide answers for children to check the correct answers by themselves. In doing so, children could enjoy a strong sense of success when they get the correct answers, while learning to correct the mistakes when they have the wrong answers.

4. Teaching Materials are Reliable and safe

LOGICO products are carefully designed and manufactured, focusing on safety and reliability. The learning cards are made of high quality papers which are waterproof, endurable and fine. The answering boards, which are manufactured in Germany, are made of high quality plastics. They are safe, endurable and easy to clean, suitable for young children to play with


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