FUN THINKERS educational content covers three subjects: English, Mathematics and Thinking Skills aimed at preparing  pre-school children for entrance into primary school thus laying a foundation for school success



All the subjects are arranged in three levels that allow students to gradually learn and improve in a systematic way. Having incorporated the basic elements of the school curriculum, these educational contents can help students be better prepared for their primary school entrance examinations are well as lay a strong foundation for their school success.

Fun thinkers come in a set of 10 books and a match-frame, packed with 3 levels of educational activities of English, math and thinking skills. Each book is filled with fun, challenging quizzes, games and more!

English–   Level 1:Word play-  Building vocabulary with colors, shapes and letter!
Level 2: Sounds like Fun-  Introduces vowels and consonants with sounds, sentence and signs

Level 3: Word for word fun- Challenges word usage & comprehension skills!

Math-      Level 1:  Numbers Count- Introduces counting & addition with colors, shapes & more!

Level 2:  Figure on Fun- Challenges subtraction, money & time-telling skills!

Level  3: Facts, Figures & fun- Challenges multiplication, division & fraction skills!

Thinking   Level 1:  shhh, I’m  Thinking- Builds problem solving, visual discrimination & sorting skills!

                      Level 2:  Mind Your P’s & Clues- Challenges patter recongniition, category sorting & calendar skills!

Level   3 Mind Puzzles-  Challenges knowledge of facts & logic!

With the combined use of the innovative answering board and exercise books, the design of FUN THINKERS is distinctive. It aims to spark children’s interest in learning and improve their concentration skills. The answering board allows children to check and correct their answers. As a result, they develop a habit of self-inspection and improve their ability to think independently-both of which are vital for studying efficiently.moreover,on the back of each game card, “more to do” extended exercises are provided for them to strengthen their already acquired knowledge. It also helps to arouse children’s creativity and enhance their ability to work on their own.


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