BrainWare Safari

Cognitive Enhancement software for improved IQ, academic performance and overall cognitive ability for ages 6 and above.



BrainWare Safari is an award winning software program that incorporates decades of proven clinical approaches to cognitive skills development into an engaging video game format. The program contains 20 exercises comprising 168 progressively challenging levels that develop and strengthen 41 cognitive (mental processing) skills . The 41 skills fall into 6 categories:

Visual Processing
Auditory Processing
Sensory Integration
Scientific research has demonstrated that the brain is plastic that is it can change (neuroplasticity) and the right kind of training develops new and stronger neural connections.

BrainWare Safari does not teach literacy or numeracy, rather it seeks to train the underlying cognitive skills necessary to learn and succeed in any subject.

Recommended Usage

Getting the best results requires regular use of BrainWare Safari over a period of weeks. In general, we recommend that you use the program:

3 to 5 times per week
30-60 minutes
For approximately 12 weeks
Most users will not complete all 168 levels in that amount of time. However, it is the frequency and intensity of use that strengthens our mental processes. Some users may want to take a break after 10-12 weeks of intense use. Many may want to continue (“I want to beat this game!”) but at a less intense pace. It can be used at home, school or at our office.

Technical Information
BrainWare Safari is a software program that must be loaded onto your computer, using a disk or downloading the software to your computer.

Every user gets a unique username and password. You may install the software on more than one computer so that you can access your account via your username and password from any computer that has the software on it. Usernames and passwords cannot be shared because BrainWare Safari keeps track of individual progress in the program. Every time you log in, you pick up from where you left off, always moving forward! This will ensure that you are always at the right level for you, not someone else.

You must be connected to the Internet while you are using the program. Your data is stored on our secure server so that, should something happen to your computer, you can simply reinstall the program and be up and running immediately with your same username and password.

System Requirements:

PC: Windows® 98 or higher. Pentium III or higher. 600 MHz or faster.
MAC: OSX required. In order to operate BrainWare Safari on a MAC with OS 10.7 or higher, a work-around is required.
All: 200 MB available hard disk space. Internet connection. Computer speakers.
Recommended: External mouse. Headphones


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