• firechild819 November 14, 2014

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    Dyslexia is poorly understood. For nearly 3 years I fought for my girl to get a proper diagnosis! Even after an independent evaluation that stated Specific Learning Disability in Reading, the school still refuse to say dyslexia! Grrr! Small victory was getting SLD added to her IEP. It’s listed a secondary classification. I disagree. The other health impairment category with ADHD- Inattentive type and Generalized anxiety was created by public schools that emphasis tests, timed math drills, and a sense of failure and inadequacy from getting pulled out for reading and math intervention! Good thing my 2nd grader is tough, resilient and hardworking! Her self esteem has been affected. Her belief that she is not as smart as the other kids is infuriating! Stop ignoring the obvious signs of dyslexia at an early age! Begin well studied methods for those with dyslexia. It’s not that they cannot learn, in fact the dyslexic student can thrive when given early and proper teaching methods!


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