HeartMath EmWave Coherence

The HeartMath EmWave Coherence is based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV)  Biofeedback. 

HRV is the difference in the time interval between heart beats. The number of breaths per minute (inhalation and exhalation) has a direct relationship with HRV, with an increase in the number of breaths per minutes HRV is reduced.  A person can have low variance in heart beats. This is a sign of stress and will exhaust the heart and compromise the nervous system. Another person with high variance will have a heart which is more rested and nervous system which is calmer and more effective.

Thus HRV works by helping you reduce the number of breaths per minute in order to increase HRV. The number of breaths per minute can be reduced by slow and deep inhalation usually called diaphragmatic breathing or abdominal breathing.

This simple process works by feeding you back your heart rhythm on a computer screen via the biofeedback device. HRV Biofeedback devices could be ear sensors clipped and connected to a computer or finger sensors on three fingers. On the screen you watch your heart as it moves through various patterns. As you continue you notice how your thoughts, images, breathing patterns, body tension and even your words to yourself and others affect your heart’s rhythm. Through constant practice of diaphragmatic breathing one can learn to affect and create the rhythms you desire.

HRV Biofeedback can help

HRV biofeedback provides an easy and very concrete way to see how bothered you are and to see what strategies help you to reduce arousal and get calm again.

During HRV biofeedback sessions we will help you learn to relax your muscles and your mind, reduce negative or anxious thought patterns, and learn to slow and regulate your breathing. Once you learn the techniques in sessions in our office, you can also use inexpensive software at home to build your ability to recognize when you are bothered and rapidly regain your calm.