Specialized Kinesiology

Specialized Kinesiology involves teaching specific movements that can improve cognitive function. It uses techniques such as re-patterning, which is the integration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain through specific movement. These movements are specifically designed to enhance and ease all learning processes. It is especially a good therapy for children with learning difficulties.



Research by Beigel, Steinbauer, and Zinke (2002) proved the efficacy of educational kinesiology on learning ability of students. 18 eight year old school children were randomly assigned into 3 groups. The first group has random play movements; the second group did specific traditional movements while the last group used brain gym techniques. This they did for 15 minutes every day for 8 weeks. Each week, these students’ reading proficiency was examined. Pre- and post-testing included a timed reading of text material, with the number of errors noted, as well as the filling out (by parents and teachers) of questionnaires. The results indicated that the children who had done the Brain Gym activities read faster, made fewer mistakes, and had better comprehension of the text material than did the two other comparison groups.

Beigel, D., Steinbauer, W., & Zinke, K. (2002) The effects of Brain Gym® on reading and comprehension. VAK Verlags GmbH Kirchzarten bei Freiburg