Training Program

Brain in mind
“Teaching with the brain in mind” is one of the fundamentally new concepts that neuroscience has brought into the field of education.
We offer short courses that emphasize the underlying cognitive processes that are responsible for learning. Teachers will learn about:

the basic structure and function of brain partsbrain classroom
the way the brain learns
how emotions can significantly hamper or facilitate learning
strategies for effective classroom instruction
principles governing how the brain processes information
These training programs are taken by seasoned, experienced educators and facilitators in the field of neuro-education

Who do we train:

School Personnel
Freelance Tutors
Scope of training :

Training involves seminars and practical workshops that are tailored to suit the needs of individuals, groups and schools.

Some of the Modules covered by the training include:

Module 1: Perspectives in Neuroscience

Structure and functions of the brain
How the brain learns new information
Neuroscience based teaching practices
Brain friendly classroom practices
Putting B.R.A.I.N.S in your lesson notes
Module 2: Cognitive Developmental Issues in Education

Developmental Stages – Cognitive development and Learning
Individual Differences
Learning Styles
Learning and Memory
Improving higher order cognitive skills
Module 3: Teaching Methodologyteacher training

Grades and Grading: Issues and Approaches to Assessment
Increasing Student Participation and Discussion
Module 4: Socio-emotional approaches in the classroom

Building positive relationships with students
Understanding the emotional needs of students
Emotions and learning
Creating a positive learning environment
Social and Emotional Intelligence
Social Networking and Responsible Internet Use
Module 5: Special Children

Understanding children with special needs
Managing children with learning difficulties
Managing children with behavioral problems
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